Jennifer Lawrence: Producers placed me in ‘nude line-up’

Jennifer LawrenceImage copyrightGetty Images
Image caption Jennifer Lawrence speaking at Elle’s Women in Hollywood event in Los Angeles

Jennifer Lawrence has said she was made to stand in a nude line-up and told to lose weight by film producers at the start of her career.

Speaking at Elle’s Women in Hollywood event, the 27-year-old said she felt she didn’t have any power in the situation as an unknown actress.

She said she found that fame protected her from assault as her career went on.

“I will lend my voice to any boy, girl, man or woman who doesn’t feel like they can protect themselves”, she added.

The actress, who won an Oscar in 2013 for her role in Silver Linings Playbook, told the audience about auditioning for a film and being made to stand in a nude line-up.

She described the experience, which happened early on in her career, as “degrading and humiliating”, as she was put next to girls she says were thinner than her.

Image copyrightGetty Images
Image caption Jennifer Lawrence speaking to Laura Dem at the Elle celebration

“When I was much younger and starting out, I was told by producers of a film to lose 15 pounds in two weeks.

“One girl before me had already been fired for not losing the weight fast enough,” she told an audience including Kristen Stewart, Margot Robbie and Ashley Greene.

“During this time a female producer had me do a nude line-up with about five women who were much, much, thinner than me. We all stood side by side with only tape on covering our privates.”

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Listen to J-Law’s story of abuse in Hollywood: I was told to lose 15 pounds in 2 wks, do degrading, nude photo shoot #ELLEWIHpic.twitter.com/yosXP9tFXw

— Carly Mallenbaum (@ThatGirlCarly) October 17, 2017

End of Twitter post by @ThatGirlCarly

Lawrence said the producer then told her she should “use the naked photos” of herself as “inspiration” for her diet.

She then went to complain to another producer about being called out over her weight.

“He said he didn’t know why everyone thought I was so fat, he thought I was ‘perfectly [attractive]’,” Lawrence told the crowd.

The actress said she felt “trapped” by the experience and allowed the harassment to happen because she “didn’t want to be a whistleblower” and thought it was what she had to do to further her career in Hollywood.

She told the audience: “In a dream world, everyone is treated with the exact same level of respect.

“But, until we reach that goal, I will lend my ear. I will lend my voice to any boy, girl, man, or woman who does not feel like they can protect themselves.”

Image copyrightGetty Images
Image caption Jennifer Lawrence with Harvey Weinstein at the GLAAD Media Awards in 2013

“Stop normalising these horrific situations”

Lawrence’s speech comes after the sexual harassment and assault accusations against film producer Harvey Weinstein, which has lead to a growing narrative on the mistreatment of women in the film industry and Hollywood in particular.

Lawrence worked on with Weinstein on Silver Linings Playbook. She released a statement last week in response, which said: “This kind of abuse is inexcusable and absolutely upsetting.

“I worked with Harvey five years ago and I did not experience any form of harassment personally, nor did I know about any of these allegations.”

Lawrence said in her speech it was time for people in Hollywood to “stop normalising these horrific situations.”

On Tuesday, Weinstein resigned from the board of directors of his eponymous film production company.

He has been accused of rape, sexual assault and harassment, but has “unequivocally denied” any allegations of non-consensual relationships.

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Amazon Studios head Roy Price resigns amid abuse claims

Roy PriceImage copyrightEPA
Image caption Roy Price resigns his position at Amazon

The head of Amazon’s film and television arm, Roy Price, has resigned after being accused of sexually harassing a television producer.

Isa Hackett says the Amazon Studios boss repeatedly made unwanted propositions to her during a taxi ride in 2015.

An actress has also accused him of failing to report an allegation that she was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein.

Price has not responded to the claims.

Image copyrightGetty Images
Image caption Isa Hackett alleges Roy Price sexually harassed her

Isa Hackett, the producer of television series The Man In The High Castle, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter of her “shocking and surreal” experience with the programming chief.

The 50-year-old says she immediately reported the incident to Amazon executives and an investigation was launched.

She says she was never told the outcome of that inquiry, although has not since seen Price at any events involving her shows.

Image copyrightGetty Images
Image caption Rose McGowan pictured with Harvey Weinstein in 2007

Actress Rose McGowan has also accused the Amazon boss of ignoring a claim that she was raped by Harvey Weinstein.

The 44-year-old tweeted that she had informed the studio head repeatedly but he responded that her claim had not been proven.

Rose McGowan took to Twitter and posted a string of messages aimed at Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, claiming nothing was done after she told Roy Price about the incident with Weinstein.

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1) @jeffbezos I told the head of your studio that HW raped me. Over & over I said it. He said it hadn’t been proven. I said I was the proof.

— rose mcgowan (@rosemcgowan) October 12, 2017

End of Twitter post by @rosemcgowan

The former Charmed star also alleges that not only was nothing done, but that Amazon Studios dropped a show based on a script she had written, after she raised the issue of sexual harassment.

Following the Twitter accusations, Amazon placed Roy Price on indefinite leave last Thursday. The company confirmed to the BBC that Price had resigned, but had no further comments.

In a memo last week to Amazon employees Jeff Blackburn, Senior VP of Business Development, said: “The news coming out of Hollywood over the past week has been shocking and disturbing – and unfortunately we are a part of it.”

He went on to say that harassment and abuse would not be tolerated at the company.

Weinstein brother also accused

In further fallout from the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal the movie executive’s younger brother, Bob Weinstein, has also been implicated in allegations of abuse.

The co-founder of The Weinstein Company strongly denies sexually harassing television producer, Amanda Segel.

Image copyrightGetty Images
Image caption Bob Weinstein with older brother Harvey

Ms Segel, who was an executive producer of sci-fi series The Mist, said Bob Weinstein made repeated romantic overtures and requests to join him for private dinners over a three month period.

The producer told US magazine Variety it was not until threats from her lawyer that she would leave the show, did the harassment stop.

The allegation comes as Harvey Weinstein resigned from the board of directors of The Weinstein Company after being accused by more than 30 actresses of sexual harassment and assault.

Harvey Weinstein denies all allegations of non-consensual sex.

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Clueless about classical music? Then help is at hand

Performers at the Ten prom
Image caption Performances at the 2016 Ten Pieces Prom

Clueless about classical music? Then help is at hand.

The BBC’s Ten Pieces scheme has been running since 2014, with the aim of educating children about Mozart, Mussorgsky and everything in between – but it’s a pretty good primer for adults, too.

The latest list of 10 works (it’s probably ok to call them songs, too) includes music by Purcell, Tchaikovsky and Sibelius, alongside a new piece written especially for the project by Kerry Andrew.

Schoolchildren will be able to hear the Ten Pieces performed live at concerts across the UK throughout the year; while the BBC’s orchestras and choirs, and the Ulster Orchestra in Northern Ireland, will give free coaching to young musicians.

And on Monday 13 November, a “live lesson” will be beamed into schools, with the Royal Opera House and Royal Ballet School encouraging children aged seven to 11 to create their own original dances to Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker.

Here’s all you need to know about the music selected for this year’s Ten Pieces.

1) Henry Purcell: Rondeau from Abdelazer

Who was Purcell?

Henry Purcell was the most important English composer of the 17th Century. He started out as a child chorister in the Chapel Royal but had to leave when his voice broke. He subsequently became the organ tuner – and then the organ player – at Westminster Abbey. His other official positions included “composer in ordinary to the king” and “royal instrument keeper”. A prolific writer, he is best known for his choral works, as well as the incidental music he wrote for theatre productions – making him the John Williams of his day.

What is Rondeau?

Rondeau was written for a play called Abdelazar (or The Moor’s Revenge) – which is no longer performed. It premiered in 1695, the year that Purcell died at the tragically young age of 35.

A brief baroque piece, it is perhaps best-known as the basis for Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.

Where will I have heard it?

It was the theme to the 1969 TV show The Churchills, and is a recurring theme in the Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom.

2) Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges: Allegro (1st movement) from Symphony No. 1 in G major

Who was Bologne?

The son of a French plantation owner and his slave mistress – who became a virtuoso violinist and a close friend of Queen Marie Antoinette. Prior to the revolution in France, he was also famous as a swordsman and equestrian and became known as the “black Mozart”.

Tell me about the allegro.

A typically short and lively dance number, it was written to showcase Bologne’s own skills on the violin.

Media playback is unsupported on your device
Media captionNaomi Wilkinson explores the music of Saint-Georges

3) Antonin Dvorak: From The New World – Largo (2nd movement) from Symphony No. 9 in E minor

Who was Dvorak?

The son of a village innkeeper and butcher, Czech composer Antonin Dvorak exhibited remarkable musical gifts as a child and played violin from the age of six. As a composer, he drew on Czech folk music, and his works are noted for their rhythmic variety and melodic invention.

What is special about this piece?

Dvorak wrote this symphony during his time in America – the “new world” of the title. He was fascinated by Native American music and the African-American spirituals, and developed those themes in his symphony. But the composer was also feeling homesick – and that seeped into the music, too.

Did you know?

Neil Armstrong took a recording of the New World Symphony to the Moon in 1969.

Image caption Kerry Andrew, who has written one of the chosen pieces

4) Edward Elgar: Theme (Enigma), variations 11, 6 & 7 from Enigma Variations

About the composer

Sir Edward Elgar’s father owned a music shop and taught his son piano, organ and violin. Apart from that, Elgar was basically self-taught – but went on to become one of England’s most important composers. His music is inventive and resourceful, drawing inspiration from the culture and landscape of England. The first of his Pomp and Circumstance marches, also known as Land of Hope and Glory, is an unofficial “second national anthem” but he is best known for the Enigma Variations. Speaking of which…

Who is the enigma?

It was Elgar himself. He improvised the main theme at his piano – and, after his wife praised the melody, he began to play around, suggesting how various different friends might play it. Variation six is based on one of his students, while variation seven mocks the limited piano skills of his friend, Arthur Troyte Griffith. The 11th variation, meanwhile, was inspired by his friend’s bulldog falling into a lake.

Where might I have heard it?

Dance anthem Clubbed to Death by Rob D samples the first movement of Elgar’s Enigma Variations, while the piano solo is improvised around the main theme. The song was later included in The Matrix.

Media playback is unsupported on your device
Media captionNaomi Wilkinson explores Elgar’s musical portraits

5) Jean Sibelius: Finlandia

Who was Sibelius?

A Finnish composer, whose works are often personal and mystical – while containing a strong streak of nationalism. He was so popular in his home country that, by the time he was 32, he was awarded a lifetime grant by the state which permitted him to devote his career to composing.

What is Finlandia?

Sibelius wrote this in 1899 as a protest against increasing censorship of the Finnish press by Tsarist Russian. The opening passages are turbulent and urgent, signifying the struggle of the Finnish people, but later gives way to the more serene, hopeful Finlandia Hymn.

Where might I have heard it?

Finlandia features prominently in the score for Die Hard 2: Die Harder. The film has nothing to do with Finland – but the director, Renny Harlin, was born in Riihimaki.

6) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Waltz of the Flowers; Russian Dance from The Nutcracker

Who was Tchaikovsky?

The most popular Russian composer of all time, thanks to his vivid, melodic music.

The Nutcracker… I’ve heard of that

You don’t say? A Christmas classic, the “fairy tale ballet” has charmed audiences since its premiere in St Petersburg 125 years ago. Waltz of the Flowers and the Russian Dance are two of the most recognisable moments in the 90-minute piece.

Where might I have heard it?

Just about everywhere. Most famously, the Russian Dance provides the theme to the classic video game Tetris.

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Media captionLemn Sissay explores Tchaikovsky’s music from The Nutcracker

7) Carl Orff: O fortuna from Carmina Burana

Who was Orff?

Carl Orff was a German musician who, aside from his highly-successful career as a composer, helped to make music education more accessible by designing a range of instruments (Orff instruments) that enable children to play music without formal training.

What is O fortuna?

Inspired by a medieval poem about the Roman Goddess of fate, O fortuna has been called “the most overused piece of music in film history”.

Simon Cowell is a fan

If you’ve seen The X Factor, you’ve heard O Fortuna. It’s the dramatic, tension-building orchestral piece that heralds the arrival of Simon Cowell on stage (he probably thinks it sounds evil but the piece is, in fact, highly religious). If you don’t watch the X Factor, the song has also featured in Excalibur and the Old Spice aftershave ads.

Image copyrightAFP/Getty
Image caption Grammy-nominated Mason Bates combines a classical career with work as a DJ

8) Aaron Copland: Rodeo Hoe-Down

Who was Aaron Copland?

A US musician, often referred to as “the Dean of American Composers”. A pianist from the age of five, he won an Oscar for his score to The Heiress, and a Pulitzer Prize in 1945 for Appalachian Spring.

And he wrote a Rodeo Hoe-Down?

Pretty much. Imagine what would happen if an orchestra soundtracked a line-dance and you’re pretty much there. Capturing the spirit of the American pioneers, it captures the vigour and energy of a square dance, as the cowgirls and boys pair off.

9) Mason Bates: Sprite: A Bao A Qu from Anthology of Fantastic Zoology

Who is Mason Bates?

Recently named the most-performed composer of his generation, 40-year-old Mason Bates combines symphonic music with the rhythms and instruments of club culture. He combines his classical career with a sideline as a DJ.

What is Sprite about?

Inspired by creatures from Borges’ Book of Imaginary Beings, Sprite: A Bao A Qu promises to “conjure up ideas and pictures from our imagination”.

10) Kerry Andrew – No Place Like

Who is Kerry Andrew?

The only female composer in the Ten Pieces repertoire, Kerry was specially commissioned by the BBC to write an a capella piece for children to perform in schools.

What did she come up with?

No Place Like is a song about home – with words and lyrics suggested by children in more than 100 schools across the country.

“I was really interested in asking kids where they were from and I got lots of really fascinating answers back,” Andrew told BBC News.

“I noticed a lot of themes: Home is where the love is and the trust is, but I also chose ideas that felt individual.

“In the end, I made this really long poem and had to zoom in and choose my favourite lines – or ones that felt long enough to be sung – and which felt like they represented the kids words as a whole.”

The finished piece uses the form of a round (like London’s Burning or Three Blind Mice); but also includes a variety of vocal noises – including percussion – allowing kids to explore the different ways they can contribute to a piece of music.

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Sheeran cancels gigs after breaking both arms


During the weekend, Sheeran reportedly fell off his bike after being struck by a car.

The 26-year-old singer had previously posted an image of his arm in a cast on Instagram on Tuesday, telling his fans that he “had a bit of a bicycle accident” and was “waiting on some medical advice”.

The second photo was posted on Wednesday and was typed by a representative of the singer, due to his inability to type.

“A visit to my doctors confirmed fractures in my right wrist and left elbow that will leave me unable to perform live concerts for the immediate future,” the message said.

“Sadly, this means that the following shows will not be able to go ahead as planned: Taipei, Osaka, Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong,” it added.

“I’m waiting to see how the healing progresses before we have to decide on shows beyond that. Please stay tuned for more details.”

Adding: “PS – Ed isn’t typing this as he has both arms casted/bandaged.”

Sheeran has eight more shows scheduled for this year, including sold-out concerts in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

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JJ Abrams: ‘Harvey Weinstein can’t be a lone operator’


Star Wars director JJ Abrams has said he “had never heard” of the sexual abuse allegations towards producer Harvey Weinstein but said he can’t be “a lone operator”.

“People knew that he was a bully but I didn’t have a clue as to the extent,” he told the Today programme.

Mr Weinstein has been accused of rape, sexual assault and harassment, but has “unequivocally denied” any allegations of non-consensual relationships.

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Ed Sheeran cancels shows after breaking his arm

Ed SheeranImage copyrightPA
Image caption Sheeran headlined Glastonbury earlier this year, and is due to play four dates at Wembley Stadium next summer

Ed Sheeran says he is “unable to perform live concerts for the immediate future” after breaking his arm in a cycling accident.

The star came off his bike, reportedly after being struck by a car, at the weekend.

“A visit to my doctors confirmed fractures in my right wrist and left elbow,” he said on Instagram, alongside a picture of his arm in a cast.

So far, dates in Taipei, Osaka, Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong have been affected.

“I’m waiting to see how the healing progresses before we have to decide on shows beyond that,” the star said.

“Please stay tuned for more details.”

Image copyrightEd Sheeran / Instagram

The 26-year-old has a further eight dates scheduled this year, including sold-out concerts in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

He then has a three-month hiatus – coinciding with the Grammys and Brit Awards – before resuming his tour in Australia next March.

The concerts are in support of his multi million-selling third album Divide, which was released earlier this year.

Sheeran famously plays his concerts solo – using just a guitar and a loop pedal to layer up songs like Thinking Out Loud, Sing and Shape of You.

Losing the use of his right arm would make such a set-up impractical – but, speaking to BBC News earlier this year, Sheeran said he would never consider playing with a backing band.

“I don’t feel like there’s anything interesting or new about seeing a singer-songwriter with a band behind them,” he said.

“I don’t feel like if I suddenly got a band, everyone would go, ‘Wow!’ – I actually feel it’d take away from me.”

The headlined Glastonbury earlier this year, and is due to play stadium dates in the UK and Ireland – including four nights at Wembley Stadium – next summer.

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Booker won by US author for second year in row


Saunders becomes the second American writer in a row to win the British prize since it was extended to the US in 2014.

In 2016, Paul Beatty’s The Sellout picked up the £50,000 prize, which had previously been handed exclusively to UK authors.

Lincoln In The Bardo is based on a true story, when US President Abraham Lincoln visited the cemetery where his 11-year-old son Willie was buried.

The novel is narrated by a chorus of dead characters who are either unwilling or unable to let go of life.

“The form and style of this utterly original novel reveals a witty, intelligent and deeply moving narrative,” said chair of judges Baroness Young.

Lincoln In The Bardo
Image:Lincoln In The Bardo is Saunders’ first novel

“This tale of the haunting and haunted souls in the afterlife of Abraham Lincoln’s young son paradoxically creates a vivid and lively evocation of the characters that populate this other world.

“Lincoln In The Bardo is both rooted in, and plays with, history, and explores the meaning and experience of empathy.”

The book was published by Bloomsbury, making it the third consecutive year the prize has been won by an independent publisher.

Bloomsbury has itself won the prize three times before, in 1992, 2000 and 2010.

Saunders, who before Lincoln wrote only short stories, was shortlisted for the prize alongside Britons Ali Smith and Fiona Mozley, and Americans Paul Auster and Emily Fridlund, as well as British-Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid.

First awarded in 1969, the Man Booker Prize is recognised as the leading award for high quality literary fiction written in English.

Its list of winners includes many of the giants of the last four decades, from Salman Rushdie to Margaret Atwood, Iris Murdoch to JM Coetzee.

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Ivanka Trump reveals ‘punk phase’ when she liked Nirvana


Ivanka Trump has revealed she once had a “punk phase” during the 1990s.

Writing in her mum Ivana’s book Raising Trump, she said she loved Nirvana, and dyed her hair blue as well.

However, many online are questioning whether she actually was a punk, and have pointed out Nirvana were grunge, not punk.

“My wardrobe consisted of ripped corduroy jeans and flannel shirts,” writes Ivanka.

“One day after school, I dyed my hair blue. Mom wasn’t a fan of this decision.

“She took one look at me and immediately went out to the nearest drugstore to buy a $10 box of Nice’n Easy [hair dye].”

This got many on Twitter wondering what she may have looked like as a punk.


Ivana Trump

Image caption Ivana was married to Donald Trump in 1977 but they divorced in the 1990s

“That night, she forced me to dye my hair back to blonde,” she adds.

“The colour she picked out was actually three shades lighter than my natural colour… and I have never looked back!”


The president’s daughter said she was “inconsolable” when Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain took his own life in 1994.

“It was a shock and I was distraught. Mom had no idea who Kurt Cobain was, and she sympathised only so much.

“After 24 hours of my crying inconsolably in my room, alone – major melodrama – Mom had to pull me out of there to go down to dinner.”

She was 12 years old at the time.

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Meet JAE5, the producer behind J Hus’ Common Sense album


Nominations for this year’s Mobos are out with J Hus in the running for four awards.

The rapper’s debut, Common Sense, is up for best album and Did You See was handpicked from the record as a contender for best song.

But neither would have been possible without one man. That’s JAE5.

He’s a 25-year-old producer from east London and J Hus says he wouldn’t have managed the album without him. Newsbeat went to JAE5’s studio to meet him.

“I went back home to Ghana and out of boredom I started playing on the computer DJing and trying to recreate grime music,” he said.

He told us how he started producing beats in Africa where he lived from the age of 10 to 13.

“There wasn’t a lot of internet access so I tried to recreate what we listened to back here [in England] once I got hold of Fruity Loops,” he added.

He might have started by messing around on a computer but his tight production is now the soundtrack to a Mercury-nominated album.

This is a photo of producer JAE5 in his studio

Earlier this year Mobo suggested it could bring back its best producer category after a 20-year absence.


The category hasn’t made the 2017 awards though but organisers insist it will return next year.

JAE5 supports the idea but says new producers need to get recognition in other ways too.

“I think British producers need more support from the artists. Like the love that the American artists give their producers,” he said.

“You’ll hear artists like Future shout-out to his producer on every song.

“With the UK, it was kind of a thing where you’d hide the producer and you wouldn’t get a shout-out. We get much more love then we used to,” he added.


He says he feels like he has found that support with J Hus.

“It’s become more like a family friend kind of relationship.

“We started to spend a lot of time together to the point where he wouldn’t go home for two weeks we’d just be in the studio together.

“I know what he likes musically and what he doesn’t – it’s nice to build a body of work with one person,” he said.

But the connection didn’t come easily. JAE5 put off his first session with the rapper for weeks.

“I didn’t like sessions with rappers because they only wanted one type of beat, so they [J Hus’ DJs] kind of forced me like, ‘Yo, do the session’,” he said.

“But then he [J Hus] was really open to doing anything, I’d play an indie beat and he would rap,” he added.

This is a photo of J HUS performing.

JAE5 says he wants to continue to work with more artists that will challenge him.

“I like artists and producers that are really far left from what I do, even indie artists so that I can learn some stuff.

“People with very unique voices. I like Maverick Sabre and there’s the guy that sang Waves, Mr Probz , voices like that,” he said.

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