Gwyneth Paltrow Lets Bees Sting Her For Beauty

Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed her latest unusual beauty regime: letting herself be stung by bees.

The Iron Man star said that the treatment – apitherapy – had been used for thousands of years but had fallen out of fashion in recent times.

In an interview with The New York Times where she shared beauty advice, she described herself as being “generally open to anything”.

“I’m always the guinea pig to try everything. I’ve got to try them all.”

The 43-year-old said that apitherapy is used to “get rid of inflammation and scarring” and that it was “actually pretty incredible if you research it”.

“But, man, it’s painful.”

Apitherapy also covers the use of honey for medicinal purposes as well as being stung – bee venom therapy.

It involves angering the bees so that they sting a person on the affected area of the body.

Any benefits have not been scientifically proven but it has been used to treat arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Paltrow also said she “loves” acupuncture and is keen to try cryotherapy, the use of extremely low temperatures to treat medical issues.

The actress also has a history of subscribing to fad diets, spending her 20s on the macrobiotic diet, eating mostly beans and vegetables and chewing her food more thoroughly than most people.

She told The New York Times that she has “a slightly easier philosophy, all around, than 10 years ago”.

She added: “I think I see now that life is really a balance. And it’s great to eat nutrient-dense organic food, if you can.

“It’s also really great to drink a vodka and have French fries. Your metabolism does slow as you get older, though.

“If I have to get into tiptop shape, I have to be more careful. But I also don’t seem to care as much as I did.”

Woman Who Got Into Zoo To Pet Tiger Is Fined

By Sky News US Team

A woman who was bitten by a three-legged tiger after she got inside a zoo so she could pet the animal has pleaded guilty to trespassing.

Jacqueline Eide, 33, admitted entering Henry Doorly Zoo, in Omaha, Nebraska after a social function last Halloween.

She was bitten by an 18-year-old Malayan tiger called Mai when she reached into the animal’s exhibit.

Eide then ended up in Creighton University Medical Center with a “severe trauma” to her hand.

Police said she acted aggressively and appeared to be intoxicated when officers were called to the hospital.

At the time, zoo executive director Dennis Pate said additional cameras were being installed.

He said security cameras, path lighting and computer-controlled locks monitor exit and entry to the zoo.

The zoo said last year that Mai had been at the zoo since 2003 and is “very friendly, which is odd because she came from the wild”.

At court on Monday, Eide was fined $250 and ordered to pay costs. Two misdemeanour charges were dropped in a plea deal.

Entire Village Up For Sale For £20m

An entire village – including a 21-bedroom mansion, 43 houses and a pub – is up for sale near Scarborough for £20m.

The last owner of West Heslerton died five years ago and the decision to sell the village has only just been made.

Potential lords and ladies of the manor also get a petrol station as part of the package, as well as 2,000 acres of farmland.

Estate agents say there has already been a lot of interest in the North Yorkshire village, which is a half-hour drive from the coast.


West Heslerton Hall has plenty of room for guests. Pic: Cundalls

West Heslerton was owned by Eve Dawnay’s family for 150 years.

But when she died, aged 84, she had no single heir and the estate is now up for grabs for the same price as a large family home in London’s Knightsbridge.


Forty-three houses are included in the sale. Pic: Cundalls

“My phone’s been ringing off the hook. We’ve had about 50 requests for details already,” said Tom Watson from Cundalls, the estate agent in charge of the sale.

The centrepiece property – West Heslerton Hall with its 21 bedrooms – may need a bit of updating by the new owners however.

It has not been lived in for 30 years after Miss Dawnay moved out to a smaller house.


Fans of the English countryside have lots to explore. Pic: Cundalls

Her sister Verena Elliott said the village is full of “loyal and loving people” and that her sibling had created a tight-knit community.

“She was very kind and the property rents are, and have always been, very low”, added estate agent Mr Watson.

“This has helped keep a vibrant village community with a mixed group of ages and there are obviously a lot of people hoping that somebody with a similar benevolent nature will come along to take over the estate.


There is also a village pub thrown in. Pic: Cundalls

“It would be perfect for somebody wanting to build up and leave a legacy,” said Mr Watson.

“The estate has been very much untouched in the past 50 years and is now a blank canvas, ready to be shaped for the next generation.”

Missing Wright Brothers Patent Found In Cave

The patent file for the Wright brothers’ ‘flying machine’ – missing since 1980 – has been discovered in a limestone cave.

A cold case team from the US National Archives recently ramped up its efforts to find the missing paperwork.

Record keepers realised the file was missing from the main Washington DC vault in 2000, and discovered that it had been potentially mislaid as far back as 1980.

But volunteer archivist Bob Beebe has now found it hidden among a 15ft-high stack of documents in a special records storage cave in Kansas.

The patent papers bear the names of Orville and Wilbur Wright and the words ‘flying machine’, the world’s first successful plane.

The pair made history on 17 December 1903 when they carried out the first controlled powered human flight.

They filed the patent – which covers the machine’s design and controls – nine months before their device even got off the ground, and it was granted in 1906.

It reads: “Be it known that we Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright, both citizens of the United States, residing in the city of Dayton and state of Ohio, have jointly invented a new and useful machine for navigating the air.”

The flight lasted just 12 seconds and covered 37 metres – but it was a huge step forward for mankind.

National Archives boss William J Bosanko said: “If somebody puts something back in the wrong place, it’s essentially lost.

“In this case, we didn’t know. We had to ask ourselves: ‘Is it something that could have been stolen?'”

The patent will go on display at the National Archives Museum in Washington DC later this month.

A number of key documents are missing from the National Archives – including the patent for Eli Whitney’s cotton gin, photos from the Moon, and letters penned by Abraham Lincoln.

Some are presumed stolen, while others were likely mislaid.

Virtual Cremation Offers Death ‘Experience’

It’s probably not for the faint-hearted, but an attraction in Shanghai is offering people the chance to ‘experience death and rebirth’.

They lie down in a mock-up cremation chamber as simulated flames pass over them.

Participants then make their way through a small circular hole to experience ‘rebirth’ and join their friends.

Mock-up cremation chamber in Shanghai, ChinaMock-up cremation chamber in Shanghai, China

The view as people enter the virtual furnace

One person who took part in the simulation in the Chinese city was Lu Siwei.

He said: “This is a really interesting feeling. It at least gives you the chance to calm down, and brings you back to earth to think about some of life’s problems. I think this (feeling) is different.

“When you walk through that door, you will experience some changes in your mentality, and it will be different from what it was before you entered.

“I think this is really great, and very worthwhile.”

Another participant, Ji Ruoxing, said: “At the moment when everything is completely black, the feeling was really realistic.

“Especially at the beginning, when I was sitting inside that room, and the door opened, I could hear the noise inside and was a little scared.

'Rebirth' in China attraction'Rebirth' in China attraction

People can also experience rebirth through a circular hole

“And then when I went inside, I thought it was all right.”

The organisers say people facing death find it a “complicated and difficult task” to say goodbye.

They claim the attraction is about educating people on life “so as one approaches the moment just before they face death, they don’t have to think about these problems constantly”.

Escaped Raccoon Caught On Film In Scotland

A fugitive with a “nasty bite” is at large and should not be approached, it has been warned.

Thousands of miles from its native North America, a raccoon has been photographed in the Scottish wild by a camera trap set up to record images of the elusive Scottish wildcat.

The footage revealed the furry mammal foraging in woodland near Garve in the Highlands.

Members of the public have been warned not to approach it, as the animal has a “nasty bite”.

Conservation body, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), said it plans to trap and rehouse the raccoon.

SNH wildlife and non-native species manager Stan Whitaker said: “Raccoons could cause millions of pounds worth of damage per year to the Scottish economy if they became established here.

“They could also cause significant damage to our native wildlife by preying on birds, small animals and amphibians.

“Raccoons aren’t dangerous but they may give you a nasty bite if cornered.

“The raccoon that has been recorded is an adult and roughly the size of a domestic cat.”

SNH said raccoons have been identified in Scotland as one of the top 50 invasive, non-native species most likely to be introduced and cause negative impacts.

They are currently kept as pets and zoo animals, and there have been several escapes in the last few years.

Anyone who spots the raccoon is asked to report it immediately to the Scottish Environment and Rural Services (SEARS).

The group can be contacted at or on 08452 30 20 50.

Laser Cloak Could Hide Earth From Aliens

A laser cloak could hide Earth from potential alien invaders.

Professor David Kipping, an astronomer at Columbia University in New York, has said the relatively simple concept could make the world invisible to intelligent life forms from another galaxy.

He said that beaming controller laser emissions into outer space could disguise the dimming of light caused by the planet each time it passed in front of the Sun.

He believes it would effectively render Earth invisible to any alien astronomers with advanced stargazing capabilities.

NASA’s Kepler space telescope has discovered around 1,000 new planets by looking for tiny dips in light as planets cross in front of their nearest star.

Professor David Kipping and his student Alex Teachey believe alien astronomers may be able to use a similar technique to spot Earth.

He said the dip in light that the Earth caused could be masked by sending a continuous 30MW laser blast for 10 hours each year.

He said: “There is an ongoing debate as to whether we should advertise ourselves or hide from advanced civilisations potentially living on planets elsewhere in the galaxy.

“Our work offers humanity a choice, at least for transit events, and we should think about what we want to do.”

Mr Teachey added: “Alternatively, we could cloak only the atmospheric signatures associated with biological activity, such as oxygen, which is achievable with a peak laser power of just 160 kW per transit.

“To another civilisation, this should make the Earth appear as if life never took hold on our world.”

Watch: Police Use Chainsaw In Cardiff Drugs Bust

South Wales Police have offered a rare insight into the fight against drug crime in Cardiff.

The force has posted a video of anti-drug police using a chainsaw to slice through a front door during an early morning drugs raid.

Officers in the city have been using chainsaws instead of battering rams in recent months to speed up the process of breaking down doors.

The video shows police entering the property at 6am on Wednesday morning.

Two people were arrested on suspicion of money laundering, police told Sky News. 

SWP_TST4 another successful entry with the rescue saw in the fight against crime in Cardiff

— SWP_Operations (@SWP_Operations) March 30, 2016

The pair remain in police custody while investigations are ongoing.

“Another successful entry with the rescue saw in the fight against crime in Cardiff,” South Wales Police tweeted, from its operations account.

It also posted a photo of the cleanly sliced front door after the raid. 

Dozens of people were arrested in February as a result of multiple raids across Cardiff, which employed the use of chainsaws.

Hundreds Set To Strip For Hull Nude Photograph

Residents of Hull are being asked to bare all – in the name of art.

The city will host American photographer Spencer Tunick, who is known for his images of masses of naked people around the world.

The photo shoot is scheduled for 9 July, with the final result to be unveiled next year when Hull is the UK City of Culture.

Organisers hope hundreds of people will take part in the Sea Of Hull installation.

Participants will be covered in body paint to create the multiple colours of the sea, in recognition of the city’s maritime history.

Tunick said the body paint would help people overcome their inhibitions.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in art who wants to pose nude, but is modest,” he said

“It intrigues me that in some places where there are major streets or parks today, previously there was water.

“To reflect this I’ll be using body paint so that the massed people create the idea of a sea of humanity flooding the urban landscape.”

Hundreds of volunteers strip naked in Blarney Castle in CorkHundreds of volunteers strip naked in Blarney Castle in Cork

Hundreds of volunteers strip naked in Blarney Castle in Cork

The New York-based photographer has created installations in more than 90 landmarks around the world, including in front of the Sydney Opera House and the Place des Arts in Montreal.

The curator of Hull’s Ferens Art Gallery, Kirsten Simister, said: “This is more than a commission. It’s an opportunity to involve people directly in an amazing live, performance that will temporarily transform the city.

“His new body of work will form part of an exhibition in 2017 and will also be purchased for the permanent collection.”

Anyone over 18 years old is eligible to take part.

Grinning Brit Explains Plane Hijacker Photo

A passenger who took a photo with the Cyprus plane hijacker has been identified as Ben Innes, a British health and safety auditor from Leeds.

He was one of two Britons held hostage on the EgyptAir jet after it was forced to land in Cyprus by a hijacker strapped with fake explosives.

Mr Innes, who is in his 20s and studied at the University of York, is seen with a massive grin, alongside his Egyptian captor, Seif Eldin Mustafa.

Ben Innes Pic: LinkedInBen Innes Pic: LinkedIn

Briton Ben Innes was reportedly among the hostages

The hijacker’s fake suicide belt is clearly visible.

It later turned out to be packed with mobile phone covers rather than explosives, Cyprus’ Foreign Minister said.


Video:Egypt Plane Hijack Ends In Cyprus

Mr Innes’ mother Pauline Innes told Sky News she is “absolutely delighted he is well”.

She also expressed her relief that “everything is resolved”.

His sister Sarah Innes tweeted: “Only Ben could get a selfie #proud”.

On his LinkedIn page, Mr Innes, who works in Aberdeen, said his experience includes working in “high hazard” industries.

He is thought to have been one of the final hostages seen fleeing the plane after the hours-long stand-off. 

  1. Seif Eldin Mustafa.Seif Eldin Mustafa.

    Gallery: Hijacked EgyptAir Jet Lands At Cyprus Airport

    The hijacker has been identified as Egyptian national Seif Eldin Mustafa

Mustafa then slowly emerged from the aircraft with his hands aloft.

Although his motives remain unclear, Cyprus’ foreign minister said it had not been a terrorist act.

“This is not about terrorism,” he told reporters.

“This is about the individual action of a person who is psychologically unstable.”