‘Hot cops’ selfie prompts women to ask for arrests

After three male officers from Gainesville Police Department uploaded the picture to Facebook on Sunday, comments praising their looks are still pouring in.

Gainesville PD posted the picture with the caption: “Officers Nordman, Hamill and Rengering…part of the night crew getting ready to do some work. #Irma.”

Heather Groom said: “This pic is exactly why your grandmother always told you to wear clean underwear in case you’re in an accident.”

Luci Kaye wrote: “I can’t believe how many women are objectifying these poor, fine, young, strong, handsome, brave, sexy, delicious, virile, ovulation-inducing, mouth-watering, beefy….. I can’t remember where I was going with this…”

While Erika Green had to remind herself: “I’m a happily married woman. I’m a happily married woman…who has no business in Gainesville…robbing banks…in broad daylight…”

The selfie has amassed more than 160,000 comments, 247,000 shares and almost 500,000 likes, prompting the police department to issue a response.

It said in an update a few days after the initial post:

“1. We are dying with the comments. You’ve actually made our chief blush with some of them.

2. MRS. Nordman and MRS. Hamill have also enjoyed knowing how millions of women are going crazy over their husbands.

3. We can confirm that Officer Rengering (far right with the amazing hair) IS SINGLE.

4. On another note, Officer Rengering is being placed into Cougar Prey Protective Care, similar to the witness protection program for his safety.

5. Please do not call 9-1-1 and request this group respond to your “incident”

6. There WILL be a calendar.”

The police department said funds from the calendar would go towards relief efforts for those affected by the hurricane.

“Thank you all for the hilarious comments…they have brightened our time up here. As for the calendar, we are going to try and do something fairly quickly and funds raised will go to Hurricane Irma recovery here in Florida,” it said.

Sarasoita poice department picture of sexy cops responding to irma after sexy cops at Gainesville PD caused a stir on facebook
Image:Sarasota Police Department also got involved. Pic: Sarasota Police Department

It wasn’t long before colleagues over in Sarasota got wind of the attention and posted an image of its officers with the caption: “Officers Raulerson, Craig, Gloeckner & Hughes responded to help our friends at the North Port Police Department & North Port Fire Department this afternoon with rescues due to rising floodwaters from Hurricane Irma. Gainesville Police Department has nothing on us.”

Facebook user Faith Stanton said: “Can I get put in witness protection please I need to save me from myself.”

That’s Gainesville and Sarasota – who will be next?

‘Monster’ sewer fatberg could go to museum

The Museum of London says it wants to obtain part of the 130-ton blockage of oil, fat, nappies and wet wipesdiscovered in Whitechapel.

Director Sharon Ament said adding the fatberg to its collection “would raise questions about how we live today and also inspire our visitors to consider solutions to the problems of growing metropolises”.

The museum says it hopes to obtain a cross section of the fatberg, but has not yet decided how it would be displayed.

A Thames Water engineer. Pic: Thames Water
Image:Thames Water engineers are trying to clear the sewer. Pic: Thames Water

The disgusting blockage is currently being removed from the Victorian sewer by Thames Water, with workers using high-powered hoses to break it down before it can be sucked out of the tunnel.

“It’s basically like trying to break up concrete,” said Matt Rimmer, head of Thames Water’s waste networks.

“It’s a total monster and taking a lot of manpower and machinery to remove as it’s set hard.”

Removal of the blockage, which is 250 meters long, is expected to take several weeks.

Babies born day apart in Burger King car park

Police were called to the restaurant in New Jersey at 7.24pm on Friday after reports that a woman was going into labour.

Officers in Denville said the parents were on their way to hospital but got stuck in traffic and had to pull over into the venue’s car park just off Route 80.

Officers and emergency personnel arrived on the scene and aided the woman to deliver a baby boy.

The following night, the same patrol officers went back to the restaurant after another report of a woman going into labour.

Authorities said that couple were on their way to hospital when the woman started undergoing major contractions.

The call came into Denville police at 8.24pm.

Officers helped the couple deliver a son in their vehicle in the car park of the restaurant.

Firefighter Shannon Covert told CBS News about the first birth, saying: “Within a few minutes, the baby was out.

“We got her into the ambulance and handed the baby to her and let her hold him the whole way to the hospital, so she was happy about that.”

His colleague Rich Yobs, talking about the following night, said: “We look at our pagers and go: ‘This is a joke. This can’t be – two nights in a row, the same exact thing.’

“Sure enough, we get down there and it is. And… that one came even quicker.”

After the first birth, Denville police tweeted: “Our @denvillepd officers and Denville Fire members delivered a baby in the Burger King Parking lot this evening. Great Job!”

Squirrels organise their nutty booty, study finds

The University of California, Berkeley study found the first evidence of squirrels arranging their nutty booty using “chunking”.

“Chunking” is a cognitive strategy in which humans and other animals organise information into manageable categories, similarly to subfolders on a computer.

Fox squirrels can stockpile up to 10,000 nuts a year and can separate their caches by the types of nut they are storing.

“This is the first demonstration of chunking in a scatter-hoarding animal, and also suggests that squirrels use flexible strategies to store food depending on how they acquire food,” said study lead author Dr Mikel Delgado, along with psychology professor Dr Lucia Jacobs.

Presumably, sophisticated caching techniques maximise the squirrels’ ability to remember where they have stored their most prized treats while at the same time hiding them from potential pilferers, the researchers said.

A red squirrel on top of a hogweed plant
Image:Squirrels can separate their nut caches by the types of nut they’re storing

“Squirrels may use chunking the same way you put away your groceries. You might put fruit on one shelf and vegetables on another. Then, when you’re looking for an onion, you only have to look in one place, not every shelf in the kitchen,” said Dr Jacobs.

The researchers gave squirrels 16 nuts in rows of four, for instance four almonds followed by four pecans, then hazelnuts and walnuts.

They gave other squirrels the same 16 nuts but in a random order.

Using hand-held GPS navigators, researchers mapped how the squirrels stored their caches of nuts.

They found that squirrels who foraged at a single location frequently organised their caches by nut species, and would keep each category of nut separately.

Squirrels that foraged in multiple locations deliberately avoided caching in areas where they had already buried nuts, rather than organising them by type.

“These observations suggest that when lacking the cognitive anchor of a central food source, fox squirrels utilise a different and perhaps simpler heuristic (problem-solving approach) to simply avoid the areas where they had previously cached,” the study concluded.

Feathers fly in noisy ‘foreign’ cockerel dispute

Neil Dymott was cleared of harassment following a trial, but was told by magistrates his behaviour had been “childish, immature and petulant”.

The court heard claims the 56-year-old threatened to cut the cockerel’s head off and shouted homophobic abuse at Helen Richardson and Paula Holland, who lived next to him in Marchwood, Hampshire.

Neil Dymott was given a restraining order but was acquitted of harassment
Image:Neil Dymott was given a restraining order, but was cleared of harassment

He was also accused of playing loud music, including the Percy Sledge song When A Man Loves A Woman.

Mr Dymott, who denied both charges of harassment, said he only played loud music on two occasions to drown out the noise of the birds and said he did not swear at his neighbours or insult their sexuality.

However, he did admit calling Ms Richardson “a psycho”.

The defendant told the trial he had complained to police himself about the noise created by his neighbours’ cockerel and hens and blamed the volume on the type of chicken.

Mr Dymott said: “Those cockerels go off as much as 60 to 70 times an hour. This is not a British bird, these are birds going all the time.

“When they started crowing they do not just crow once, they crow, crow, crow.”

He added: “It’s the type of chickens – these aren’t ordinary little reds, these are colourful, these are Rhode Island reds, these are Plymouth Rocks, these are American reds.

“If these had been a British cockerel and going off at dawn and dusk we wouldn’t be here.”

The court has heard Ms Richardson and Ms Holland had arranged for the cockerel to be killed in August 2015 but the dispute continued after Mr Dymott alleged they were hiding a cockerel from him.

Helen Richardson and Paula Holland (L) accused their neighbour of harassment
Image:Paula Holland and Helen Richardson had been in dispute with their neighbour

The trial also heard Mr Dymott and Ms Richardson clashed in her front garden which she said caused her an injury to her arm while the defendant said he suffered a cut lip.

The restraining order imposed by magistrates prohibits Mr Dymott from contacting the two women directly or indirectly for two years.

Chairman of the bench Colin Wyatt said: “Whilst we find some of the actions and behaviour were inappropriate we do not feel this constitutes the offence of harassment.”

On the playing of music, he said: “We agree the course of action was childish, immature and petulant.”

Mr Wyatt added: “You have to live as neighbours, you need to behave and stop being stupid or petulant.

“Can you get on as neighbours, life is too short.”

Cat fight: Downing Street’s top mouser revealed

Palmerston has been busy keeping the rodent population at bay, catching at least 27 mice since arriving on Whitehall in 2016.

And that’s official – the figure comes from documents released under Freedom of Information laws.

But those who look after the black-and-white cat, named after former foreign secretary and two-time prime minister Viscount Palmerston, have no doubt that number is an underestimate.

The recorded figures only include officially documented sightings and so is likely to be far higher.

Palmerston (R) watching Larry the Downing Street cat walk by in Downing Street
Image:Reports of a feud between Larry (L) and Palmerston have not been confirmed

Palmerston arrived from Whitehall from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in 2016.

He lives in the shadow of Larry – but while the tabby and white feline is often seen leisurely strolling along Downing Street, basking in the spotlight, Palmerston has been at his most lethal.

Some Cabinet observers believe there is a feud between the two cats, but the reports have not been officially confirmed.

The FCO said it “does not keep an accurate figure for the amount of mice caught by Palmerston.

“The PUS’s (Permanent Under-Secretary, Sir Simon McDonald) office do receive reported sightings of Palmerston catching mice – so far (since Palmerston’s arrival in April 2016) this figure is at 27.

Palmerston the Foreign Office cat
Image:The cat is named after former foreign secretary and two-time prime minister Viscount Palmerston

“This figure is likely to be much higher as these are only reported sightings.”

The FOI request also reveals that Palmerston is typically but not exclusively fed Whiskas. The FCO said it could not provide financial details of Palmerston’s care but it added the bill was met voluntarily by staff.

Exotic Louisiana crawfish infest Berlin park

Procambarus clarkii, as they are properly known, are believed to have spread to Berlin’s Tiergarten park when they were released from local acquariums.

The freshwater crabs – which are considered pests outside of their natural habitat – can devastate domestic fish tanks by eating all of the plants.

Individual red swamp crayfish dumped outside the park appear to have gathered and bred.

A tourist holds a Louisiana crawfish, or Procambarus clarkii, in Berlin's Tiergarten park
Image:A tourist holds a Louisiana crawfish, or Procambarus clarkii, in Berlin’s Tiergarten park

Heavy rainfall in recent weeks may have altered the water balance or drowned the caverns in which the crawfish were living in Berlin.

The crabs are a famous part of Louisiana cuisine, with the crawfish boiled with lemon, spices and vegetables.

Strict poaching laws in Germany make it a criminal offence for Berliners to catch the crawfish and cook them – so officials are hoping foxes and raccoons will devour them instead.

“We are focusing on the natural enemies of the crabs,” said a city official.

Pub defends charging £13.40 for pint of beer

The Rake, in Borough Market, has hit back at criticism after a picture of its menu was posted on Twitter showing a pint of Cloudwater DIPA, Citra & Amarillo cost £13.40.

Experts say that on average a pint takes 10.5 sips to drink – equating in this case to £1.27 a sip.

Dat Cloudwater price

— Kat Sewell (@katrinnas) August 22, 2017

Utobeer, which operates The Rake, denied claims it was “gouging our customers” or making “vast profits”.

The firm said logistics meant the beer had to be ordered through a distributor, making it more expensive, and pointed out that at 9% strength it was “never going to be cheap”.

Utobeer said in a statement: “We are not making ‘vast profits’, we work to a margin like all businesses and if we stopped we’d start losing money and eventually go out of business.

“Cloudwater will not deliver directly to us unless we order a pallet from them & if you know The Rake you’ll also know we do not have the space to store a pallet; so this being the case we have to order through a distributor who will obviously put their margin on it.”

The distributor Euroboozer also denied it was to blame for the high price and took the unusual step of publishing its own costs.

A letter published by the firm’s director said: “The difference in our price compared to Cloudwater’s list price is minimal. I don’t mind telling you our gross profit on this keg is £22.39.

“When the cost of good beer goes over a certain price, we adjust our margins, look at our cash and say ‘well, that’s too much on a keg’ and then adjust our pricing accordingly.

“As a result we have taken a good 25-30% hit on our usual overall margin here.”

He added: “No one is making anyone buy any beer but if you can afford it and want to then go ahead because it’s a smashing pint.

“Good beer costs good money.”

The average price of a pint in London is £4.08, while across the country as a whole it is £3.47, according to The Good Pub Guide.

Because he’s worth it? Macron’s €26k makeup bill

Mr Macron’s office confirmed a report on his beauty spending published by French news magazine Le Point, but said it was looking into a cheaper alternative.

The report said costs included the pay for a freelance makeup artist for television appearances and trips abroad.

francois hollande - reuters
Image:Francois Hollande’s hairdressing costs sparked #CoiffeurGate in 2016

But it is not the first time the hair and makeup bill for a French head of state has raised eyebrows.

In 2016, it was reported that Macron’s predecessor Francois Hollande had a hairdresser on contract for €10,000 a month.

The figure was later confirmed by a government spokesman, who said: “Everyone has their hair done, don’t they?”

It prompted the hashtag #CoiffeurGate to trend on Twitter – coiffeur being the French word for hairdresser.

Mr Macron, 39, became France’s youngest ever president in May after beating far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in the country’s election.

With youth on his side, the reason behind his expensive makeup habit remains unclear.

Maybe he’s born with it – but is he worth it?